Imagine bringing the power of vision to your business. Take the power of sight and start exploring the wealth of insights that is hiding in your images. You can use AI to classify images and recognize objects, faces and words. We can provide several pre-trained models or help tailor a custom model.

Not only can you deploy the power of AI to your images but now there are also powerful tools to help you extract more value from your video library. Its possible to annotate video and extract metadata.


What can you do?



Use AI to help automate the quality control process to detect product defects. Here we would train a custom model based on the specific product in question and deploy it for low latency to an edge device. This would allow you to do predictions locally on the device.


Allow your users to find products through image search. Your customers could upload an image which contains an interesting product and using AI the specific object can be identified and matched against a product catalog.